Getting Your Hearing Tested

Hearing loss is much more common than you think—and nearly every hearing impairment can be treated today. Most hearing professionals enter the field in the hope of helping people get more enjoyment from life. Still—when you don’t know what to expect, it can be scary to ask for help. Here’s what to expect at your hearing examination.
Some insurance providers cover the cost of hearing tests; some hearing specialists offer free hearing tests.
1. The office visit
Following a questionnaire to establish your general health and health history, otoplasty specialist in Toronto will conduct a painless visual examination of the ear with a manual or video otoscope. This examination will reveal obstructions or infections that might affect your hearing. If a condition requiring medical treatment is detected, you will be referred to an ear, nose and throat specialist.
If there is no medical reason for hearing loss, such as blockage, perforated eardrum, hyperthyroidism or other conditions, your hearing specialist will perform a series of tests to determine if you will benefit from hearing aids.
2. The seven tests of hearing
A hearing professional uses an audiometer to conduct testing. This equipment emits sounds or tones, like musical notes, at various frequencies and at differing volume or decibel levels. Testing is usually done in a soundproof testing room.
During some of the tests, you will wear headphones to block distracting sounds. At the sound of a tone, you will be asked to use a gesture or a device to indicate when you hear tones. The audiologist will lower the volume and repeat tones until you can no longer detect them. This process is repeated over a wide range of tones or frequencies from very deep, low sounds, to very high frequency sounds. Each ear is tested separately because sensitivity to sound often differs from one ear to the other.
There are seven tests of hearing and speech recognition. Your hearing specialist may conduct some or all of the following tests:
1. Tympanometry is an objective test of middle-ear function. By applying air pressure in the ear canal, tympanometry tests the mobility of the eardrum and the conduction bones. This test provides information to distinguish if the hearing loss is conductive or sensorineural.
2. Pure-tone test is a subjective hearing test used to identify hearing threshold levels. The patient wears headphones while the hearing specialist administers pure tone stimuli. The patient indicates when he or she hears the tones in each ear. Pure tone test thresholds determine the softest level at which the patient can hear at least 50 percent of tones.
3. Speech reception threshold is a test to determine the lowest sound intensity level at which the patient is able to repeat correctly fifty percent or more of the spondaic test words (words of two syllables having equal stress). This test determines the level at which the patient can detect AND understand speech.
4. Most comfortable listening level test is administered via headphones to determine the best hearing level as reported by the patient.
5. Uncomfortable loudness test is also administered via headphones to determine the loudest level a patient is able to listen to without pain.
6. The speech discrimination test (sometimes called word recognition testing) is conducted to determine how well the patient hears and understands speech when the volume of the headphones is set to patient’s most comfortable listening level.
For this test, the hearing specialist asks the patient to repeat 50 single-syllable words. The speech discrimination score is an important indicator of how much difficulty the patient will have communicating and how well he or she will respond to amplification. If the patient’s speech discrimination score is 90 percent or more, it indicates he or she heard and repeated words correctly. If the score is zero, it means the patient cannot understand speech no matter how loud. People with scores under 50 percent may not be helped by hearing aids.
7. Bone conduction test is used to determine if the patient’s hearing loss is caused by issues relating to the inner ear. A small oscillator is placed on the bone behind the patient’s ear to painlessly stimulate the bones of the skull, which in turn stimulate the inner ear. The patient will indicate when he or she can hear the sound as the tone is raised and lowered.

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AMP Hearing Aid

Amptm  Hearing Aid

Hi, I'm Nancy Sideri with Preferred Hearing Care

amp hearing aidToday I'm excited to tell you a little something about a little something!

And that little something is called the AMPtm!

Are you ready to AMPtm?

Maybe you've been having some trouble hearing what people are saying or you're starting to notice that you're missing out on some sounds that you once heard–but you're not sure if you're ready for hearing aids yet.

It's comfortable, it's removable, and very affordable

AMPtm also takes advantage of ears natural acoustics for sound quality

It's clearly ready for those people who are not ready for hearing aids yet

Nancy Sideri Demonstrates the Ease of Use for AMPtm in the following video.

Pick up the phone 888-577-2961

Visit Preferred Hearing Care for all of your Hearing Aids needs.

Watch while Nancy demonstrates the Amptm hearing aid.


You may be having trouble hearing what people are saying – or are starting to miss out on sounds you once heard – but you’re not sure you’re ready to wear a hearing aid yet, especially one that people can see.

That’s what makes you ready to AMPtm

New AMPtm fits snugly in your ear canal, so no one but you will know it’s there.

It’s comfortable, removable, and ready to wear in a single visit to your hearing professional.

Better yet, with AMPtm–the small size and ear canal placement take advantage of your ear’s natural acoustics for a sound quality you need to hear to believe.

AMPtm addresses the three main concerns of millions of Americans who are reluctant to consider hearing aids:

Don't want to be seen wearing a hearing aid – AMP is invisible, addressing cosmetic concerns

Suffer from sticker shock – AMPtm is more affordable, helping to ease price hesitations

Have outdated perceptions of how hearing aid sound – AMP sounds great, featuring advanced digital processing that differentiates it from other invisible instruments

AMPtm Features:

  • Completely digital, four-channel hearing aid
  • Includes feedback cancellation to extend the fitting range
  • Uses a size 10 battery
  • Allows patients to turn AMPtm on and off as well as adjust volume with a magnetic wand
  • Simple programming
  • Fit using an iPad application or the web
  • Four common preset starting points are provided for ease-of-use
  • Headphones used during fitting while the application uses dual-tone multi-frequency signals to adjust the hearing aid
  • Can walk out the door wearing an AMPtm in a single visit

Call us today! You’ll be amazed

AMPtm Invisible and Very Affordable

866-330-HEAR (4327)

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Starkey 2011 Innovation Summit

Boston, MA, January 16, 2011 — Preferred Hearing Care is proud to announce that Nancy Sideri and Staff received two days of continuing education at the recent Starkey 2011 Innovation Summit in Las Vegas.

“We are so excited to offer Starkey’s latest technologies and advancements in hearing healthcare, ” said Nancy Sideri, Owner, of Preferred Hearing Care. “ The Innovation Summit gave us the opportunity to learn from national experts in hearing healthcare about the technologies and applications that will offer our patients incredible benefits.”

Courses encompassed detailed training on Starkey’s technologies including hearing aids designed to be completely invisible when worn; hearing aids designed to connect directly to media devices; and new applications that drive greater patient interaction with the hearing aid fitting process. In addition, classes were offered on practice management and patient care.

The Starkey Innovation Summit is one of a number of trainings Preferred Hearing Care’s leadership and staff have attended to continue to grow in the hearing healthcare profession.

About Preferred Hearing Care
Preferred Hearing Care offers a unique approach in their treatment of hearing loss and hearing protection.  PHC provides a variety of hearing care services including hearing evaluations, video ear inspections, hearing instrument fittings, aural rehabilitation, a full line of custom hearing protection products and assisted listening devices.

With locations on the Northshore and in the heart of Downtown Boston, PHC provides patients with a number of convenient options to find out more about their hearing health. For more information or to set up an appointment with Preferred Hearing Care, please call 866-330-HEAR(4327) or visit PreferredHearingCare today

About Starkey®
Starkey Laboratories, Inc. is a privately held, global hearing technology company headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minn. The company is recognized for its innovative design, development and distribution of comprehensive digital hearing systems. Founded in 1967, Starkey currently employs more than 3,250 people, operates 22 facilities and conducts business in more than 100 markets worldwide. For more information, visit Starkey

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Starkey’s SoundLens Hearing Aids

Starkey’s best technology in a 100% invisible* hearing aid.

Think hearing aids should be heard, not seen?

Then the new SoundLens by Starkey is for you.

SoundLens is the first custom fit invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) hearing aid featuring Starkey’s latest technology – including Voice iQ, Starkey’s newest noise reduction and speech preservation system designed to filter out background noise. Talk to a hearing professional to find out if SoundLens is right for you.

Technology Benefit
Invisible-in-the-Canal The only 100% custom, invisible*, digital and fully programmable hearing aid
PureWave Feedback Eliminator Virtually eliminates buzzing and whistling
Voice iQ Designed to maintain speech understanding in noise and reduce listening effort**
T2 Remote Lets you adjust memory or volume settings using any touch-tone phone

Learn more about the advanced technology found in SoundLens. Call our office today 978-378-3367

*Individual results may vary. Invisibility may vary based on your ear’s anatomy.

**Sarampalis, A., Kalluri, S., Edwards, B., Hafter, E. (2009, October) Objective measures of listening effort: Effects of background noise and noise reduction. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 52, 1230-1240.

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Wi Series Hearing Aids

Wi Series™

Watch Together. Listen Separately

Wi Series is our most advanced hearing aid on the market today.

It features our latest noise reduction and speech preservation system, and virtually eliminates buzzing and whistling. It is designed to deliver incredible sound clarity even in the noisiest situations.

Wi Series can also stream stereo sound directly from your TV, radio or computer to your hearing aids, like headphones. Let your us help you find the hearing aid that best suits your lifestyle.
Designed to enhance TV & radio listening
Stream audio from your TV, stereo or computer directly to your hearing aids. No
Wi Series

Engineered to deliver a better experience. Learn more about Wi Series features.
How it Works
Find out more about Wi Series. Call our office today 978-378-3367

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Congrats To The I-Pad Contest Winner

I want to send a big shoutout to the I-pad contest winner.

Christopher Beyer was the lucky recipient to our latest Ipad contest.

Be sure to visit our Facebook Fan Page to send Chris a congrats!

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Preferred Hearing Care and Starkey Gives Gift of Hearing


Nancy Sideri, owner of Preferred Hearing Care of Merrimac, along with Buddy “Cake Boss” Valastro, Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship, Yankee Legend, Whitey Ford and others help fit more than 150 children with hearing aids.

NEW YORK – Sept. 26, 2010 – At Yankee Stadium, Nancy Sideri, Owner of Preferred Hearing Care, Alliance Member of the Starkey Hearing Foundation, and Die-Hard Red Sox Fan, put Yankee Rivalry aside and joined forces with the Yankee Organization and delivered nearly 300 free state-of-the-art, hearing aids to under-served, hearing-impaired children throughout New York City.  

The mission, sponsored by FedEx, welcomed Justin Osmond (Osmond family) as the emcee for the event and special celebrity volunteers to assist with the fittings.

These included: Buddy Valestro, TLC’s Cake Boss; Whitey Ford,
Yankees Hall of Fame Pitcher; Gabe Saporta, lead singer Cobra Starship; Dominic Chianese, actor, The Sopranos; Sam Moore, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and the original “Soul Man”; Alan Kalter, CBS Late Show; Yul Vazquez, actor, War of the Worlds; Heather Whitestone McCallum, former Miss
America and first deaf Miss America; Gina Cirili, Miss Pennsylvania; and Elena LaQuatra, Miss Pennsylvania Teen.

A longtime supporter of the Starkey Hearing Foundation…

…this was Nancy Sideri’s first mission.  “There’s so much emotion attached to hearing.  Seeing the wide-eyed amazement of a child hearing his own voice for the first time to the parent seeing their child’s react to hearing for the first time.  I am so honored having been asked to participate and to work with the most amazing hearing specialists in the world.”

Founded by Bill Austin, The Starkey Hearing Foundation,

“So the World May Hear,” is the global leader in hearing health care and is striving to change the social consciousness of hearing. Each year, the Foundation delivers more than 100,000 hearing aids through hearing missions in countries stretching
from the U.S. to Vietnam. Since 2000, the Foundation has supplied nearly 500,000 hearing aids to people in need and is striving to achieve its goal to distribute more than million free hearing aids in this decade.

“These children have so much talent and ability, by giving them the gift of hearing, we can help them maximize those abilities and have a productive life,” said Bill Austin, CEO and Founder of the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

“They are our future and we want to make sure it’s a good one.”

Founder and CEO Bill Austin attended the Clinton Global Initiative, a summit bringing together key foundation leaders focused on Global Humanitarianism, earlier this week in New York as a guest of Former President Bill Clinton.

Additionally, Austin recently received the Azteca Eagle Award from the President of Mexico in honor of the great humanitarian efforts of the Starkey Hearing Foundation. This is the highest honor paid to a non-citizen.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Senator Ted Kennedy and Bill and Melinda Gates are the only other U.S. citizens to have received this prestigious award.


Watch our Starkey Hearing Foundation Video on YouTube Boston MA

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Is A Hearing Specialist Really Necessary To Help With Your Hearing Loss?

There are many people that suffer from a loss of hearing that are reluctant to visit a hearing specialist. It is always a good idea for anyone with hearing loss to visit the specialist for many different reasons. Knowing what these reasons are will help you understand why you need to make an appointment today instead of waiting.

The following are the most important reasons you need understand.

1. Problem can get worse – If you wait to visit a specialist, there is every possibility that your hearing loss will get worse. You don’t want to wait until it gets worse because this can lead to a more sever degree of hearing loss.

Instead, visit a specialist today so you can determine how to best help you hear again and to help you prevent the hearing loss from becoming more problematic for you.

2. Degree of hearing loss – If you are going to find the best solution to help you hear well again, you have to know what your degree of hearing loss is. The specialist can run some tests to help them determine this and then they can give you suggestions on the best solution for your hearing loss problem.

3. Cause of hearing loss – Visiting a specialist is necessary because you have to know what is causing your loss of hearing. Some causes such as a buildup of wax in your ear can be taken care of so your hearing problem goes away.

You have to know what the cause of your hearing loss is so you can determine if the problem is temporary or permanent. You also have to know the cause so you can find the best way to treat it and this is something that the specialist will easily be able to help you with.

4. Knowledge – The specialist will have knowledge about all different degrees of hearing loss that they can let you know to help you deal with having a loss of hearing. This knowledge would take you time to research, but with a specialists help you will not have to waste your time doing this because they will be able to answer all your questions for you.

Knowing these reasons will help you see why a hearing specialist is definitely necessary for anyone to visit if you are experiencing any type of hearing loss. Don’t wait until the problem becomes worse; instead, do the smart thing and visit a specialist today so you can start hearing life around you again as soon as possible.

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Customer Appreciation Event

Preferred Hearing Care shares pictures of their 2010 Customer Appreciation Event

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Hearing Products Boston

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